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Landseer’s Dogs and Their Stories by Sarah Tytler is a free public domain book covering several of the paintings of artist Sir Edwin Landseer dealing with dogs. The author has taken the liberty of telling the story of the dogs depicted in the paintings:

Yet I am about to attempt to tell again the stories which some of his animals tell me, since it may well be they have other tales for other admirers, and that, therefore, my experience may not be quite uncalled for and too much. But if in any respect I cumber with words or mar by false rendering the suggestive text which I am seeking to illustrate lovingly, I can only hope that my blunder may be forgiven.

Sir Edwin Landseer was known for giving the animals he painted human expression. The author weaves a story of the animal around the features and expressions of the Landseer dogs. These stories of adventure (and misadventure) will find their way into the hearts of most dog lovers.

Sarah Tytler is the pen name of Henrietta Keddie, a Scottish author of fiction mostly geared toward young ladies. She has provided a wonderful introduction to the works of Landseer.

Landseer’s Dogs and their Stories is a great addition to the dog portion of our free nature studies.

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