Schedule Helps

Step 7: Smart SchedulingYou will find a wide variety of planners and organizers available to homeschoolers, many designed by homeschoolers themselves. We are certainly an innovative group!

First decide whether you prefer a paper or digital planner. When looking over your options, make sure the planner you choose does things your way. Are you going to have to change your method to fit the planner? If so, find a new one!

Other questions to ask:

  • Is it overly complicated?
  • Will it be a burden more than a help?
  • Is it reusable each year?
  • Does it fit your lifestyle? (If it fits in a binder and you prefer to carry it with you…there’s a problem!)


Homeschool Planning and Record-Keeping Software

When we first started homeschooling, there was one tried-and-true record-keeping software program. Now the options are limitless. Most of these programs combine the tasks of scheduling/planning and record keeping.

Make sure the program doesn’t require you to enter information that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Most of these programs need to be compatible with the laws in all fifty states. Some of the states require keeping track of the number of hours you homeschool, for example. If that is not the case for you, make sure the program you will be using doesn’t require you to enter that information.


Paper Planners

These can range from black-line masters you copy to elaborately bound planners rivaling some of the office planners on the market. There are far too many options to list; however, check your favorite homeschool supplier for a wide range of planners to choose from.


Free Online Forms

We are all so unique there is probably a unique planner for each of us. So if you are ready to build your own, download the free resources at these sites…then tweak!


Further Reading

Managers of Their Homes {Review}Manager of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families (MOTH) by Steven and Teri Maxwell | (Amazon link)
The book includes a scheduling kit that contains all of the forms or worksheets that we need to create a schedule for our families.

Tools, reviews, and eBooks.