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Language Arts the Natural Way
Sometimes in the interest of “doing it right” we needlessly complicate simple things. One of these simple things is language arts. When it comes to practicing the art of using the English language, the curriculum can balloon out of control, exceeding not only our budget, but also our time. We fill our days with spelling classes, vocabulary classes, grammar classes, writing classes, and Latin or a class or two covering Latin roots. Enter language arts the natural way! In this series we’ll cover the basic elements of a natural approach to learning language arts.

Bloom’s & Critical Thinking {Complete Series}
It is easy to cover the lower order cognitive skills. But we want to make sure our children can do more than recall basic facts. We want them to be stretched — to understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create! This is easy to accomplish naturally by allowing our children time to thoroughly investigate their individual interests. Our Bloom’s & Critical Thinking series looks at how we can incorporate each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy when pulling together our own studies.

14 Forms of Writing for the Older Student: {Complete Series}
Once your students are accustomed to writing every day, it is a good idea to present them with a variety of writing challenges. These forms of writing each require something different from the student, and will help him develop his writing and thinking skills. We cover 14 different forms of writing.

10 Ways to Use Notebooking {Complete Series}
Nothing is more inspiring than a child creating his own booklet, or a student compiling his own research into his own notebook. We love notebooking! Notebooking is a way to document the learning process. This series takes a look at the different ways you can incorporate notebooking into your educational mix.

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