Free Civic Studies Lesson 14: The Citizen

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Citizenship and election day methods.


Learn more about being a good citizen:

The core, the center, of every community is the family. Therefore, the first obligation that you, as a good citizen, must discharge is to those who live beneath the same roof with you. This sounds very simple; perhaps it may even irritate you. But it is often far easier to be well-mannered, considerate and helpful outside one’s familiar home than within it. Nevertheless, since the home is the center of the community, the payment of your debt to a free society surely begins with the cheerful performance of your duties within the four walls of your own house, with your willingness to co-operate with the other members of your family in order not to destroy or to weaken the structure as a whole. If you are selfish, sulky, inconsiderate, if you constantly shirk your responsibility and “pass the buck” to someone else, that structure begins to wobble dangerously at its very center.

“A Good Citizen” from The Book of Knowledge

Additional Resources

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Free Civic Studies Lesson 14: The Citizen

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Units & Lesson Plans

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Presidential Elections: A Unit Study
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Notebooking Pages & Printables

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The Citizen Notebooking Pages
Our free and simple notebooking pages for copywork, narrations, dictations, or wrapping up.

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