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The Experiments

We have found great experiments that nicely illustrate a concept at, including our summer fun balloon rocket activity, making an electromagnet (Faraday-related experiment), and adding color to flowers to better understand how plants grow.

There are currently over 40 experiments including:

  • Bending bones with vinegar.
  • Making a fog tornado.
  • Building a hovercraft.
  • Making a paperclip float.
  • Building a film canister rocket.
  • Making a soap powered model boat.

These experiments all illustrate a concept. For example, to understand density, you build a pomegranate, orange, and white grape juice drink. Sounds pretty ugly, but hey, you can see density illustrated by the different layers.

And lest the engaging format make you wonder about quality, the experiments are laid out in a scientific way. You can follow along with a scientific method form to include your hypothesis, track the experiment, explain what happened, and draw your conclusions.

In the above referenced density example, you will find the following explanation of how the experiment worked:

The density of liquids demonstrates […] the amount of “stuff” (atoms, mass) that are present in a particular volume of the juice. In other words, if you have [a] cup with 200ml of plain water, and a cup with 200 ml of water that has lots of sugar dissolved in it, the cup of sugar water will be heavier even though they are the same volume of liquid – the invisible sugar molecules are dispersed in the water, making it heavier (more dense).

Each experiment includes:

  • An overview.
  • What you will need.
  • What to do.
  • How it works.

Other Helpful Pages

In addition to the experiments, you will find other helpful information at the site. Favorites include:

Great resource!

 Additional Resources
10 Ways to Use Notebooking: #7 Science

10 Ways to Use Notebooking: #7 Science
A great way to facilitate an understanding of science concepts!

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