Boys' Make-at-Home Things {Free eBook}

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, you can download this free public domain title full of ideas for making homemade Christmas gifts! Boys’ Make-at-Home Things by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey and Marian Elizabeth Bailey includes instructions with illustrations and diagrams for over two dozen toys and other useful things:

Make-At-Home-Things for Boys aims to keep boys busy and entertained. It furnishes them with simple directions for making toys and useful articles, all of which are carefully pictured. The aim of the book, is to give boys an idea of the craft possibilities which lie in the crudest materials, often the waste material of the home and in this way to develop real artistic ability.

The book was published in 1912, yet the content is really very interesting and useful (for both boys and girls, of course!). Among the creation ideas are included:

  • Toy train.
  • Toy boat.
  • Noah’s ark set.
  • Marble bag.
  • School box.
  • Christmas tree stand.
  • Wireless receiving station.

There are also instructions for correctly wrapping Christmas presents!

(It goes without saying that depending on the age of your child, parental guidance is recommended.)

Some will recognize Carolyn Sherwin Bailey as the author of Boys and Girls of Colonial Days and the Newbery winner Miss Hickory.

Great book for those interested in getting a head start on making homemade Christmas presents! And free!

Free eBook

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