Unit Study on Flight {Free}

Unit Study on Flight {Free}
Unit Study on Flight {Free}

It is windy spring.  What better time to learn about flight! “Take Flight With Science!” is a unit study by Rick and Michelle Eichhorn that originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

You’ll learn about the history of flight through the following topics:

  • Kites in China.
  • Leonardo da Vinci and his interest in aerodynamics, birds, and flying machines.
  • Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion.
  • Hot-air balloons.
  • George Cayley’s monoplane glider — a study of lift and drag.
  • Orville and Wilber Wright’s contributions.
  • Robert Goddard and rocketry.
  • Space travel.

Scattered throughout are accompanying activities such as observing birds, viewing da Vinci’s sketches, creating a ornithopter wing and a hot-air balloon, making various paper airplanes, building a spaceship model and an aerofoil-shaped wing.

Some of the activities referred to are no longer available, but we have provided alternatives below.

This is a great unit for those ready to investigate flight — and it’s free!

Updated Links

Paper Spinner Directions
Template for cutting out a spiral that will move above the candle flame.

Anatomy of a Hot Air Balloon
Helpful information.

Spot the Station
Find out from NASA when you can view the Space Station from your location.

Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne
Printables to help you assemble a scaled model.

Green Aviation | General Aviation
Photos of planes through history.

American Helicopter Museum Photos
Photos and descriptions.

Cradle of Aviation Museum
40-page educator guide.

Eleven different units and activities studying the science and history of flight from the Yale-New Haven Teacher’s Institute. For each entry, you will want to click the link at the left.

Pilot the Wright Brothers’ Flyer
Interactive from NOVA where you fly the plane!

Fun and Wonderful Kites {Free Unit Study}
Activities, books, and other helps.

Gizmos and Gadgets

Gizmos and Gadgets by Jill Frankel Hauser
A big hit in our home for years, this Williamson Kids Can! book takes ordinary household items and turns them into hours of hands-on fun!

Make a Balloon Rocket
One {fun} way to investigate Newton’s laws of motion!

Additional Resources

Mysterious Flight
40-page download from Innovative Classroom that tracks nicely with the free unit.

Flight Lesson Plans
Six coordinating ideas from Science for Kids.

The History and Physics of Flight
76-page download from the Minnesota Department of Transportation where students create a timeline of flight while covering airplane terminology, balloons, air pressure, jet engines, and rockets.

Flight Adventures Unit Study {Free}

Flight Adventures Unit Study {Free}
Another option.