10 Bible Reading Plans for 2020

Like many things, daily Bible reading is a habit — and one that your children can start very early! Each day you can enjoy a family Bible reading time possibly followed by narrations or journaling. Then as your children get older they can dig into the Word themselves. You’ll find Bible reading plans that keep it pretty simple for young Bible readers among our ever-growing list of Bible study tools. Meanwhile, as we age and cycle through again and again, it is enjoyable to mix things up and keep them fresh. Here are 10 Bible reading plans for 2021:

Bible Study Journal
Each day you can print the journal page that includes the daily Bible reading, study questions, journal prompts, prayer requests, and an application challenge. The plan takes two years to complete.

Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan
In this plan from Navigators, you read from the New Testament and the Old Testament each day.

2021 Bible Reading Plan
This is a printable calendar that a includes Bible selections for each day that you can check off. The readings are arranged thematically, but the entire Bible is covered.

52-Week Plan
In this plan, each week you will read from the epistles, law, history, psalms, poetry, prophesy, and gospels — one each day.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan
You will read through the entire Bible, but in chronological order.

Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan
Just as it says, one book of the Bible at a time. There are also days of reflection that can be used to catch up if necessary.

Daily Light on the Daily Path
Breaks things up with reading in both mornings and evenings.

Every Word in the Bible
You will read every word, but in this plan it will take you 3 years. A great option for those who prefer not to rush!

Bible Reading Schedule 2021
I personally prefer daily Bible reading plans to keep me moving. But if you’d prefer not to have that type of pressure, this plan just lets you know what to read in a given week.

Bible Reading Chart
Or if you REALLY don’t want the pressure, just use this chart to check off the books of the Bible as you read them — the when is up to you.

Daily Bibles

One of the things I really enjoy is Bibles that are set up with a Bible plan to work through — often referred to as “daily Bibles.” Here are a few of my favorites from this category:

Grace for the Moment Daily Bible

Grace for the Moment Daily Bible
Set up with 365 daily reads from the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and the New Testament with notes from Max Lucado. Highly recommended!

One Minute Bible

One Minute Bible Day by Day
From Holman, this would work well for younger readers.

NIV Once-a-Day Bible
Arranged chronologically. Just be aware, it does take a long time to get to the New Testament!

NIV Lifehacks Bible

NIV Lifehacks Bible
Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I was really going to appreciate this one simply based on the title. But the notes by Joe Carter were indeed very helpful. The reading plan walks you through the Bible in one year from front to back.

We frequently update our ever-growing list of Bible study tools. You’ll find many more options there.

Make it a great year!

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