Why, when the results are so abysmal, do we as a society continue to retry the same old ideas, expecting a different result? While most parents with children in the government school system may admit that yes, the government school system is failing children, most are also quick to point out that their school is the exception. It is great to have an abiding faith, but examine the roots of your faith.

The reason we are loath to change the “standard” way of doing things is a matter of faith.

As a mother who educates her children at home, what have you put your faith in?

  • The system?
  • The books?
  • The method?
  • The tried-and-true leader in the homeschool community?

This type of faith is no different than that faith that a mother of a child in the public school system has in the school to produce the necessary results. The roots of this type of shallow faith are usually exposed when a seed of doubt lurking in the background threatens to mature into real panic.

When faith in the humanly devised standard ways are shaken, then real faith can step in — faith in a sovereign Father who loves our children more than even we as parents can possibly love them, who has their best interests at heart, and who knows them intimately and did know them before they were born, having all their days planned for them.

Want to find that peace of mind that comes with knowing you are providing the best learning environment for your children? Put your faith in Him. He already knows the final result.

Yes, the path that He sets you on may look different than the “standard” way of doing things, but His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9).

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