7 Building Blocks of a Well-Rounded Homeschool

I remember reading somewhere along the line on during our homeschool journey about a framework one family used to build their homeschool.  We adapted that framework, and others that we encountered that had similar purpose, into a general framework that met our own needs, creating the building blocks that established our learning days. Our endContinue reading “7 Building Blocks of a Well-Rounded Homeschool”

10 Tips for Providing a Non-Generic Personalized Education

We can provide the “richest” education, whether that be classically-, literature-, or otherwise-based, and yet fail to provide an education specifically designed for each child — a non-generic, personalized education. If we don’t allow our children the time to develop their strengths and interests, then even the best education will have nothing to work with. Continue reading “10 Tips for Providing a Non-Generic Personalized Education”

Bending Education to Fit the Child

We are not moving children through a system.  We are really tutoring our children — starting where they are, determining what they need, and leading them rather than pushing them from behind. It is for this reason that we find our own way, develop our own programs, and educate ourselves.  There will be different applicationsContinue reading “Bending Education to Fit the Child”