Memorizing: Yes, It Does Have Its Uses! {5 Things to Memorize}

Love it or hate it memorizing does have its uses: Do you remember the last time you memorized something — even a phone number? With technology ever at our fingertips, we don’t need to commit much of anything to memory now. Yet, rote memory — the process of repeating information until it is lodged firmlyContinue reading “Memorizing: Yes, It Does Have Its Uses! {5 Things to Memorize}”

Activity: Copying

Copying is one activity that takes an individual from childhood through adulthood.  Many young children will use copywork to practice their handwriting skills.  Many adults will keep a copybook or other notebook to store valued quotations and words of inspiration. Copying and dictating are the two basic lesson activities in the natural method.  Just asContinue reading “Activity: Copying”

Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Remembering

The Remembering or Knowledge level (Bloom’s Taxonomy) involves bringing to mind the information to be recalled.  That’s it.  Simple.  Simple unless you have a difficult time remembering things, or the information to be remembered had little or no significance to you at the time you encountered it. Remembering requires bringing back to mind something weContinue reading “Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Remembering”

Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing ~ Free eBook

OK.  We can forget the “required” part. Granted. Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing is a wonderfully arranged collection of poems for the primary student featuring the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, James Whitcomb Riley, Edward Lear, Longfellow, Wordsworth, Mary Howitt (“The Spider and the Fly”), Charles Kingsley, Shakespeare and many others. The easiest wayContinue reading “Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing ~ Free eBook”