Memorizing: Yes, It Does Have Its Uses! {5 Things to Memorize}

Love it or hate it memorizing does have its uses: Do you remember the last time you memorized something — even a phone number? With technology ever at our fingertips, we don’t need to commit much of anything to memory now. Yet, rote memory — the process of repeating information until it is lodged firmlyContinue reading “Memorizing: Yes, It Does Have Its Uses! {5 Things to Memorize}”

Persuasion Map for Persuasive Essays {Free Interactive}

Here is another great tool at A free persuasion map interactive that walks a student through the process of creating a persuasive essay. The interactive is easy and intuitive to use. Begin by entering your name and a title for your essay. Then press the “get started” button. Next you are prompted to formContinue reading “Persuasion Map for Persuasive Essays {Free Interactive}”

Letter Generator Interactive {Free}

After a child is able to write comfortably, he will need things to write. We have suggested 8 writing activities for the younger student — one of which is writing a letter. This free Letter Generator interactive at is an excellent guide for the younger writer. The letter generator provides an easy way toContinue reading “Letter Generator Interactive {Free}”

Interacting With Literature: Cause & Effect

Part of life is understanding the principles underlying events. Students can develop their thinking and reading skills by interacting with literature to understand cause and effect. Simply stated, a cause is the reason behind an event or action. The result of the action is the effect. Cause and effect explains why something happened. For example,Continue reading “Interacting With Literature: Cause & Effect”

The Century Handbook of Writing {Free eBook}

Here is one we actually have on the shelf, so it is particularly nice to see it available as a free download. The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever and Easley S. Jones was originally published in 1920 to help students improve their writing skills — themselves. By a device equally efficient, the bookContinue reading “The Century Handbook of Writing {Free eBook}”