Planetarium for Your Computer {Free}

If you are into astronomy and ready to do some stargazing, you’ll want this free planetarium for your desktop computer!

Stellarium is an open source application that gives you a 3D representation of what is in the sky in your area for any given time.  We were able to install and use it in minutes.

After installing, you’ll want to enter your coordinates. Click on the Location Window (top of the left toolbar).

By clicking on the Date/Time Window you can scroll through the minutes, days, and hours or select a specific time to see what is in the sky.

Stellarium shows all of the planets and their satellites, the constellations, over 600,000 stars, the Milky Way, and a realistic sunrise through sunset.

Check the FAQs if you need help getting started. An extensive User Guide will answer your questions.  Scripts and plugins are available to extend the application.

To exit the program, click on the far right icon on the bottom toolbar.

Stellarium is a free, quality alternative to expensive stargazing software and makes a great homeschool handy-mom tool!

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Star Stories for Little Folks ~ Free eBook
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