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  • Zotero {Free Source & Citation App}

    Zotero {Free Source & Citation App}

    Now that we have covered note-taking, it is a good time to cover managing references! Zotero is a free tool that helps you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. The app can be installed as an extension in your browser, or you can use the standalone version. Zotero is, at the most basic level,…

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  • Planetarium for Your Computer {Free}

    Planetarium for Your Computer {Free}

    If you are into astronomy and ready to do some stargazing, you’ll want this free planetarium for your desktop computer!

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  • 8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives

    8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives

    8 Homeschool-Handy Open Source Alternatives — alternatives to some of the more expensive software applications!

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  • Bible Study Software {Free}

    Bible Study Software {Free}

    Bible study software is helpful for word study, memorizing Scripture, or consult Greek or Hebrew word meanings.

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  • Calibre ~ Free eBook App

    Calibre ~ Free eBook App

    With the wide collection of eBooks now available, it is nice to have a way to keep them organized. It is also nice to have a way to easily read them if you don’t have an eBook reading device. Calibre, a free eBook app, does both! This free app not only manages your eBooks, it…

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