Activity: Make a DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder

It is October. And October makes us think of pumpkins! Here is a fun DIY nature activity for you and your family to enjoy this fall: Make a pumpkin bird feeder.

These directions from the Audubon Society will get you started. Of course, you can add your own flair and decorate to your heart’s content.

Set the pumpkin feeder outside a window and watch the visitors.

Just a heads-up: It goes without saying that the pumpkin isn’t going to last more than a few days. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you prepare your youngsters in advance for the short duration of the project and enjoy a one-day viewing with a nature journal (or camera) to record the birds spotted.

Additional Resources

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This project at Birds and Blooms uses an artificial pumpkin for a more permanent option.

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For recording.

Everything bird (books, identification guides, birdhouse instructions, and full-blown nature studies)!

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