Free History Studies: John Stark & the Indians

John Stark was a brave man who became a general in the American Revolutionary War.

Read the current chapter online: “John Stark and the Indians”

  • Map the following (you’ll find mapping resources below):
  • Narrate, orally or in writing, the story of John Stark and the Indians. Use story book paper to illustrate your written narration.
  • Learn more about the Abenaki Indians that captured Stark.
  • Read about John Stark’s role in the American Revolution.
  • John Stark was the originator of New Hampshire’s motto “Live Free, or Die.”
  • More about General John Stark and the Battle of Bennington from the Book of Knowledge:

    The British again decided to capture the Hudson River. In 1777 the plan was for an army under General John Burgoyne to march down from Canada along Lake Champlain toward Albany.Another army, under St. Leger, was to start from lake Ontario, move east through the Mohawk Valley, stir up the Tories and the Six Nations, and finally join Burgoyne.The third army, under Sir William Howe, was to go up the Hudson from New York to Albany.General Philip Schuyler, the American commander, had a very small force at first and could not fight Burgoyne; but as he retreated, he cut down trees, destroyed bridges and made the roads so bad that Burgoyne took twenty days to go twenty miles.Some of the Indians joined the British, but few Tories came, and the cruelty of the Indians made more men join Schuyler. Burgoyne sent a party of Hessians to capture some military supplies the Americans had collected at Bennington, Vermont, but General John Stark defeated the British force and took six hundred prisoners.”The Revolution,” The Book of Knowledge

Further Investigation

John Stark
Biography at

John Stark
Brief biography at focusing primarily on his service in the Revolutionary War.

Major General John Stark of New Hampshire: One of George Washington’s Generals
Reprint from Liberty Tree Magazine article offers full biography.

Battle of Bennington
Background on the battle that made Stark famous at

Bennington Battlefield
Download from the National Park Service with the history background.

Stark Park
Manchester, New Hampshire, park built around the original Stark burial plot.  Picture of Stark’s statue, along with background information.

John Stark
Information on the statue in Statuary Hall.


The War That Made America: Timeline
Interactive timeline of the French and Indian War.

New Hampshire Map/Quiz Printout

Vermont Map/Quiz Printout

Interactive Map Maker {Free}
Make your own maps.


“Roger’s Rangers”
Chapter from Indian History For Young Folks by Francis S. Drake that details Stark’s adventures with the Indians.

A chapter from The Boys’ Book of Battles by Chelsea Curtis Fraser.  Scroll down to “III. Bennington.”

Life of John Stark by Edward Everett
Included in Lives of Eminent Individuals Celebrated in American History.  A very well-written and not terribly long biography for older students.  Contains a more detailed account of Stark’s adventures among the Indians beginning at the last paragraph on the right page.  Also available as a PDF download.

Stark’s Independent Command at Bennington by Herbert D. Foster
An account of his victory.

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

The Battle of Bennington: An American Victory
Very complete lesson plan, including Stark’s role, at the National Park Service.

Printables & Notebooking Pages

United States Map
At for locating New Hampshire and Vermont.

New Hampshire State Map
Map for notebooking, helpful for locating Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Vermont State Map
Map for notebook, helpful for locating Bennington, Vermont.

North America map for locating Canada.

John Stark Notebooking Pages
Simple pages for copywork, narrations, or wrapping up.

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