Captain John Smith {Free eBook}

Captain John Smith by C. H. Forbes-Lindsay was published in the 1907 as part of The Trail Blazers series — historical fiction covering the various phases of American history. During our early homeschool years, this title was republished by Preston Speed and was once recommended as part of the Beautiful Feet Books literature curriculum (highly recommended!). Now you can download this title as a free eBook.

The history of the world furnishes few lives so romantic and replete with stirring incident as that of John Smith, the founder of the first English colony in America—that settlement at Jamestown in Virginia, of which the United States of today is the outgrowth….

It is a wonderful and inspiring story, that of the stripling who, without money or friends, boldly left his native land and, abandoning himself to the chance currents of a strange world, at the age when the modern schoolboy is seeking distinction on the football field, was learning the art of arms in the practical school of war. Dame Fortune surely smiled upon the errant boy and, whilst she led him into constant adventure and danger, as frequently saw him safely out of them….

Few men have compassed in fifty years of life so much of noble action and inspiring example as did John Smith. He died, as he had lived, a God-fearing, honorable gentleman, rich in the consciousness of a life well spent and in the respect of all who knew him. He was a connecting link between the old world and the new, and we, no less than England, should keep his memory green.

(From the introduction)

This is an action-packed book that many say reads like a Henty. If you are looking for an excellent historical fiction addition to your American history studies, you will enjoy Captain John Smith.

Perfect addition to our Jamestown unit!

Free eBook

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Captain John Smith {Free eBook}

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