Animal Facts Page Creator {Free}

Here is another great tool from — an animal facts page creator. The Animal Inquiry interactive helps students investigate an animal and record information in the following areas:

  • Facts.
  • Babies.
  • Interactions.
  • Habitats.

To begin, create a title for your project and choose one of the areas above.

Then follow the prompts to record:

  • What the animal looks like.
  • How the animals moves.
  • What sounds the animal makes.
  • What the animal eats.
  • How the animal is born.
  • What the animal babies look like.
  • How the baby changes as it grows.
  • The animal’s enemies.
  • How the animal protects itself.
  • How the animal communicates.
  • Where the animal lives.
  • A description of the animal’s habitat.

When finished the student can print his work. The results will fit nicely into a notebook.

Animal investigations are an easy first research step for young children. Provide the necessary simple resources and have them record their observations!

Additional Resources

Wilderness Babies {Free eBook}
One research resource.

Hibernation Unit Study {Free}
How animals adapt.

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