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Country Research Report Template ~ Free

Country Research Report Template ~ Free

Country Research Report Template ~ Free

A country research report seems to be a rite of passage. A young student may choose to study Pakistan because of an interest sparked by a unique gift brought back by a relative. Finding that connection makes a country research report interesting and relevant for the student. And to guide his research, check out this great find: Country Research Report Template for younger children, free at

This 9-page download provides “a comprehensive report template for researching countries around the world.” The template has room for recording:

  • Basic facts.
  • Flag.
  • Traditions.
  • Landmarks.
  • Animals.
  • Climate.
  • Transportation.
  • Clothing.
  • Food.
  • Interesting information.
  • Information sources.

It is tempting to allow your student to exclusively use the Internet for his research. Stretch him a bit:

  • What can he find at the library?
  • What physical maps, globes, and atlases does he have access to?
  • Does he know anyone who has lived in, has served in, or is otherwise familiar with the country of study? Schedule an interview to learn firsthand information.
  • Find books that take place in the country of interest.

Older students can use the download to organize a report sans template. (Resources to help with this are below.)

Notebooking pages such as this free Country Research Report Template are perfect for guiding the young writer toward the goal of eventually filling in blank pages with his thoughts. And this one is free!

Free Resource

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