100 Best Books for Children ~ Peck, Kipling, Lang, Mulock, Sewall, Baldwin

Those paying attention will notice that we have ended on number 97 on the Hundred Best Books for Children found in The Book-Lover by Baldwin. There were three books we deemed unsuitable for one reason or another (typically due to the age of the books). Baldwin’s book was updated several times. By the thirteenth printing in 1902 his list for children had been modified with some titles removed and others added. So then, with the following additions, you’ll end up with more than 100 books: Peck, Kipling, Lang, Mulock, Sewall, Baldwin.

I cannot close this chapter of book lists without complying with the wishes of many parents and teachers who desire a more extended catalogue of works suitable for a young person’s library than I have yet given. Here are a hundred volumes, many of which can be described as the best of their class. All are entertaining, instructive, and safe.

The Book-Lover

The Adventures of Mabel by Peck

Similar to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Free eBook

The Jungle Books by Kipling

Beloved books in two volumes.

Free eBook – Vol 1
Free eBook – Vol 2

Story Books by Lang

Scottish author, poet, and critic, Andrew Lang, compiled a series of fairy books (see below). These are his story books.

Free eBook – Animal Story Book
Free eBook – True Story Book
Free eBook – Red True Story Book

Fairy Books by Lang

These are collections of fairy tales from all over the world and common additions to homeschool reading lists!

You can access all of the books at Gutenberg.org.
Additional titles added not included on Baldwin’s list: Crimson, Brown, Olive, Lilac, and Orange.

Free eBook – Red Fairy Book
Free eBook – Blue Fairy Book
Free eBook – Green Fairy Book
Free eBook – Yellow Fairy Book
Free eBook – Pink Fairy Book
Free eBook – Grey Fairy Book
Free eBook – Violet Fairy Book

Paperback versions published by Dover Publishing for those interested:

The Little Lame Prince by Mulock

A delightful fairy tale that lauds goodness and kindness in a most appealing manner.

Books Children Love
Free eBook

Black Beauty by Sewall

Black Beauty Young Folks Edition ~ Free eBook
Free abridged version with links to the original free eBook and other horse stories in our horse unit study.

The Story of Siegfried by Baldwin

Baldwin’s own retelling of the Norse myth. Also visit our Free Music Studies and take a look at Richard Wagner.

Free eBook

Additional Resources

Author Notebooking Pages {Free Download}
Use this free set to create an author notebook for our 100 Best Books for Children series.

The Hundred Best Books for Children ~ Introduction
The Hundred Best Books for Children

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