10 Favorite Tools {2017–2018}

Ten favorite tools from the 2017–2018 archives:

Free Unit Studies

Resource list of places to find free unit studies online. Literature-based, state, holiday, preschool, and more!

Beechick Basics

Dr. Ruth Beechick was a skilled teacher and curriculum developer who considered home the best place to learn.

Find It!

Curating content since 2001! Educational tools and resources at DIY Homeschooler.

The Classical Approach

There are many different schools of thought on what constitutes a classical approach to learning.

The Research Approach

The Research Approach to homeschooling involves the four elements of research, record, reason, and respond.

Living Books

Living books can augment any area of study, even math! But they can also be the core of our child’s learning experiences in history, geography, and the natural sciences.

Our tools include learning calendars, fun ways to celebrate holidays, resource lists, and category favorites. And don’t miss our other resource guides!

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