10 Favorite Articles {2018–2019}

Ten favorite Articles from the archives 2018–2019:

6 Ways to Cut Homeschooling Expenses

We all want to keep our homeschooling expenses down, particularly in the current economy, but few of us want to sacrifice our child’s education to do so. Here are 6 ways to cut homeschooling expenses without sacrificing a quality education. But first, when discussing educational expenses there are several considerations we need to address: A…

2-Step Daily Schedule

If you use a daily schedule of some sort and have yet to find that silver bullet to making it work, this post may be for you. Our 2-step daily schedule.

10 Ideas for Overcoming Lazy Habits

Perhaps as a result of a temporary illness or change in routine, before we know it we have assumed lazy habits. 10 ideas for overcoming lazy habits.

Educational Bucket List — 6 Things To Do Each Day

Yes, of course they need reading, writing and arithmetic.  But while we focus on the bare bones of academics, let us not lose focus on those things that flesh out the quality of education our children receive. Here are our top six ideas — elements to include in our homeschool each day.  Add (or subtract)…

Making Scripture Study a Priority

As a new year begins, we find ourselves very involved.  New books, new schedules, and new routines all demand our attention and we find ourselves finding our way … and losing our focus. Keeping the first thing the first thing will smooth out even the most uneven days.  When we seek first His kingdom and…

Time-Saving Devices

In the end, the best time-saving device I have is making good use of the time I have. Tips for prioritizing.

The Goal of Education?

Education has become hard to define. Everyone seems to have different expectations. We seem to have lost the goal of education.

Sometimes you just need to know someone understands. We’ve been there. We have renamed this category Lifestyle, which includes written observations, insights, thoughts, suggestions, food for thought, and encouragement from the heart.

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