Meet the Masters Art Program {Free}

Meet the Masters Program Manual is a free 247-page art appreciation instruction download provided by the school board of Broward County, Florida, as part of its volunteer program to help provide all children with an introduction to fine art:

Meet the Masters is a volunteer art history and art appreciation program intended to acquaint children with the world of art. Meet the Masters seeks to cultivate a sustained awareness and interest in art by exposing children to selected prints.

This fantastic download is geared toward  K–5 children.  For each of those levels, seven pairs of prints of major works of art are compared, appreciated, and discussed.  The download includes:

  • A list of age-appropriate questions that can be asked about the prints.
  • Example presentation.
  • Color copies of the prints.
  • Background information for the instructor about the artist and the print.
  • Discussion questions.
  • Related activity suggestions.
  • A timeline of the different periods of art.
  • Information about the elements of art (line, color, shape, etc.).
  • Glossary of art terms.
  • Suggested reading list.
  • An index to the artists covered.

Using this program provides yet another way to easily incorporate art appreciation into a homeschool schedule.  Everything you need is included — and it’s free!

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