Manet Poster with Activities {Free}

Here is an easy way to add a quick art appreciation lesson into your day.  Download this free Art in the Classroom Manet Poster with activities from the National Gallery of Art.

The download features a beautiful printable of The Railway by Edouard Manet.  The second page tells the story of the work of art and a bit about how the artist went about his work.  Then follow three activities that encourage interacting with the art:

  • Observe and describe (or narrate).
  • Ask questions.
  • Create a poem based on observations and questions (format provided).


If you haven’t tried including art appreciation in your mix, here is a very easy, hand-holding way to get started.  And it’s free!


Other Selected Works

You can use the same three activities in the lesson with these other Manet works.  Be sure to keep each painting in sight for a week or so before switching.

The Old Musician

The Fifer

The Balcony

Self Portrait with a Palette

A Boy with a Dog


Additional Resources

7 Ideas for Picture Study
If you have more time, you can incorporate one or more of these ideas.

Artist Notebooking Pages {Free}Artist Notebooking Set
Free simple pages for drawing or narrating a work of art and documenting the artist and his works.

Manet: The Railway Notebooking Pages
Simple pages for narrations, writing the poem, or other art study information.

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