Internal Combustion Engines ~ Animated

If you have enjoyed our internal combustion engine unit study, then you will be amazed at this beautiful work of art by Bartosz Ciechanowski that explains internal combustion engines through animated diagrams.

The invention of the internal combustion engine in the 19th century has revolutionized transportation over land, water, and air. Despite their omnipresence in modern day, the operation of an engine may be cryptic. Over the course of this article I’d like to explain the functionality of all the basic engine parts shown in the demonstration below.

B. Ciechanowski

Beginning with “first principles,” the author animates mechanical motions to help students visualize them beginning with a simple crank. Through this illustration, we learn about torque.

Then we move through crankshafts, pistons, and other components to help understand engines. We get a look inside components and see how they are built. We can see the movements and joint workings of various parts of the engine.

Each animated illustration can be interacted with, rotated, or stopped.

This is such an interesting way to present information! Really has to be viewed to be appreciated.

Despite their drawbacks, classic engines still have something mythical about them – their intricate mechanisms are synchronized together to create carefully controlled conditions for harnessing fire in a truly Promethean way.

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