In Grandma's Attic

In Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson and the other three books in the series include interesting and wholesome tales a grandmother tells to her granddaughter — tales of days gone by, lessons, and laughter.

Most of her stories are funny, and they also show how things like pride and foolishness can get little girls into big trouble — like the time Mabel wears a hoop skirt to church without her parents’ permission. She learns the hard way that pride always comes before a fall!

The Book Tree by Elizabeth McCallum and Jane Scott

In this digital age, many children have no connection to the past. They can’t remember a time before the smart phone (party line, anyone?). Many also have no connection to the country and a much slower way of life.

This small, beautiful book provides a glimpse of each. Touch base with life in the 19th century, farm life, and objects we no longer use (or that many may not have even heard of!).

Add it to your reading or read-aloud list!

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