Geography From A to Z

We once attempted to use a particular curriculum that covered geographic terms — all of the terms — in about a week! With no background knowledge to support such a study, the exercise fell flat. Cape? Isthmus? Peninsula? Gulf? Bay? Atoll? Archipelago?

Enter Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary by Jack Knowlton. This lively picture book not only provides the definitions, but also illustrations of over sixty geographic terms, so that you can see the differences between “a plateau and a plain, or a knob and a knoll.”

Geography From A To Z lends itself very well to notebooking.  You can have your child make a page in his notebook with an illustration and definition for each of the sixty or so physical geography terms covered.


Additional Resources

Geography Terms Notebooking Pages
Free set of 8 pages from for creating notebooking pages for each term covered.

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