Free Civics Studies Lesson 9: The Treasury & The Post Office

How the government makes and spends money and the curious Dead Letter Office.

Read the current chapter online: “The Treasury and the Post-Office.”


Learn more about the Federal Reserve from The Book of Knowledge:

The Federal Reserve System is banker to the Government and banker to the banks. It holds the reserve funds of the banks. It issues the currency of the United States Government…. The Federal Reserve banks provide a nation-wide system for paying checks between cities, and they control the country’s supply of money. These banks do not do business directly with the public.

The Federal Reserve System was established in 1913 to solve a problem that had been growing since the Civil War. This problem was to see that there was plenty of money in every part of the country. Before that time, in some cities there would be large amounts of money, while in others there wouldn’t be enough to make loans to businessmen to pay wages and for other needs.

Another important part of the American banking organization is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Like the Federal Reserve banks, this corporation is managed by the Government but owned by banks. The FDIC, as it is called was formed in 1934 to insure bank deposits; and now each bank deposit is insured….

“Banks and Banking” from The Book of Knowledge

Additional Resources

The Treasury Building: A Historic Landmark
31-page color download.

U.S. Department of the Treasury
Learn more about the building from the National Park Service.

Treasury Department Building
For a more complete read, enjoy this timeline.

U.S. Department of the Treasury
Duties and organization.

Chronology of Events
Extensive timeline.

U.S. Life-Saving Service

Surfmen of the U.S. Life-Saving Service
Photos, stations, duties, equipment from the National Park Service.

History of the Administration of Lighthouses in America
Originally administered through Treasury under Hamilton!

Bureau of Printing and Engraving
(You may want to install an ad blocker before viewing.)

The United States Postal Service


Introduction to Greek Architecture
Fun aside from Khan Academy.

The Basics of Treasury Securities
Interactive at TreasuryDirect KIDS that covers savings bonds, bills, notes, and more!

Explore All Things Hamiltonian
Exhibition narrated by Richard Brookhiser.

Alexander Hamilton and George Washington
Video from PBS exploring the length to which Washington depended on Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton Quiz
Fun for wrapping up from PBS.

The Office Where Mutilated Money Gets Repaired
Less-than-4-minute NPR audio.

Great Minds Think Activity Book
Download about financial skills for students from the Fed.

Escape from Barter Island
Interactive from the Fed exploring the role of money on the economy.

The Life Savers {Free eBook & Activities}

The Life Savers {Free eBook & Activities}

The Post Office and Its Story by Bennett
Accessible public domain work.

Units & Lesson Plans
The Secret Service: A Unit Study

The Secret Service: A Unit Study
Established in 1865 as part of the Treasury Department, the Secret Service was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security in 2003.

Explaining Taxes to Kids
Lesson plan from

Understanding Taxes
Lesson plans from the IRS.

United States Postal Service: A Unit Study

Lighthouses {Free Unit Study}
Fun side trip.

United States Postal Service: A Unit Study
Our own unit with all types of interactives, downloads, and more!

Notebooking Pages & Printables

Know Your Money
Download from the Treasury and the Secret Service.

Printable Play Money

Coloring Sheets
Bills of various denominations to color.

Organizational Chart
Printable of Treasury.

Currency & the Fed {Free Download}
Great download.

The Treasury & The Post Office Notebooking Pages
Our free and simple notebooking pages for copywork, narrations, dictations, or wrapping up.

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