Animated Atlas of the United States {Freebie}

Update: This interactive is no longer available. However there is a video showing the animated atlas. See resources below.

American History: Growth of a Nation is a free animated atlas showing the growth of the United States from the original thirteen colonies.

Through the animation we see the addition of land by purchase, the role the various wars throughout history had in shaping the Union, the result of other historical events on our country, and the additions of states and territories to the union.  The accompanying narration tells the story.

The animated atlas is also interactive.  You can retrieve the names of rivers and lakes by clicking on them.  By clicking on a state, you can find out facts about the state, such as the state capital, year of admittance to the Union, and other facts.

By clicking on the timeline below the map, you are taken to a timeline page that shows the addition of states and territories beside the timelines of presidents, legislation, world events, scientific discoveries and cultural events.

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