5 Tips for Memorizing Scripture

5 Tips for Memorizing Scripture

5 Tips for Memorizing ScriptureMemorizing Scripture has been a family activity over the years. Here are 5 tips for memorizing Scripture:

1. Know why you are memorizing Scripture

Having a firm purpose in doing something provides the motivation for actually doing it. When we don’t have a solid reason for memorizing Scripture (or any other activity, for that matter) it tends to fall off when other events press us.


2. Decide what Scripture to memorize

This will vary from family to family; after all, we have the whole Bible to choose from! Some will prefer to memorize select verses, others will choose to memorize entire chapters.

The passages selected might be ones that are particularly relevant to the family, ones that the parents believe need to be in the hearts and minds of their children, or verses that are topically important.


3. Decide how you will memorize Scripture

Here is how it has worked in our family: Each day we read the entire passage aloud. On the first day, we repeat the first verse aloud and copy it into our copy notebooks.

The second day, we focus on the second verse, copying it into our notebooks, and so on until the entire passage has been read and copied.

We continue to recite the entire passage together each day and help each other through. We are always amazed at how much we really have hidden those verses in our hearts — even the first time through.

Your family may find an entirely different system that works for you.


4. Review Scripture already memorized frequently

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. We incorporate a previously memorized passage for review once a week.


5. Lead by example

Your children will be more likely to find value in things you value.