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Book lists or books that will help you establish your own family reading list — the foundation of a great learning experience!

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Books Children Love

Books Children Love
by Elizabeth Laraway Wilson

Warm and detailed descriptions help us easily determine whether or not a book will be a good fit for our family. The titles chosen, each having been read by the author, must catch and hold the reader’s interest, be of high literary quality, and represent a “wide range of people in varying circumstances. Read our entire review.

The Book Tree: A Christian Reference for Children's Literature

The Book Tree: A Christian’s Reference for Children’s Literature
by Elizabeth McCallum and Jane Scott

A mother/daughter team recommending “classic books, as well as books by Christian authors, some little-known books by great writers and poets, and a sizable collection of inspiring biographies.” Read our full review.

All Through the Ages

All Through the Ages: History Through Literature Guide
by Christine Miller

For those of us who pull together our own history studies, there is no better resource for finding books to tie in with the time period we are studying. All Through the Ages provides a complete chronologically arranged array of books to complement any period of history. Read our full review.

Review: Who Should We Then Read?

Who Should We Then Read
by Jan Bloom

Who Should We Then Read is uniquely formatted compared to other similar guides. The focus is on the author rather than the books themselves. Also included is a guide to published series and Newbery winners. “Author inclusion in this guide was influenced by personal preference, the quality of the author’s work, frequency of requests or sales, reading list recommendations, and suggestions of other book lovers and homeschooling parents.” Read our entire review.

Best Books

Best Books for Kindergarten Through High School {Free}
by Donna Hess

No need to purchase this one. Originally published in 1994, Best Books is now available from the publisher as a free two-part download. Hundreds of books are reviewed with comments intended to help us choose literature that will “help young people develop literary and spiritual discernment.” Read our full review with links to free download.

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