Radio Reception and Transmission {Free Lesson Plan}

If you have a budding engineer on your hands, you may appreciate these free lesson plans on radio reception and transmission from

In these lessons, students build and test an FM receiver and FM transmitter. They learn about the challenges involved in building and testing circuits.

These circuits can be built with a circuit board model kit or snap circuits. Material suggestions are given in the lesson plans. You will also find a link to everything you need in our 5 Ways to Develop an Electronic Interest post.

A great deal of background information is given in the lessons covering:

  • Radio bands.
  • Radio applications.
  • How a radio works.
  • The difference between AM and FM radio.
  • Why radio stations are numbered the way they are.
  • And more.

The process includes a planning phase, a research phase, a building phase, and a reflection phase including questions the engineer can ask himself when evaluating the process.

The objective of these lessons is to help students learn to think like an engineer. So these sheets work great with the kits suggested in our 5 Ways to Develop an Electronic Interest and provide an easy pathway to the free electronics course we also linked to.

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to add scientific experiment notebooking pages to round out a study.

Great tool for the DIY Homeschool Handy-Mom!

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