Microbes Coloring Comic Book {Free}

Cold and flu season may be wrapping up, but did you ever wonder what happens when microbes attack your immune system? This free microbes coloring comic book from Ask a Biologist, part of Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences department, explains in an easy-to-understand way! Microbes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly covers the following:

  • Where bacteria come from.
  • The different communities of bacteria in the human body.
  • Defenses in the human body that fight bacteria.
  • Different ways bacteria enter the body.
  • How antibiotics work and when we use them.
  • Bacteria receptors.

And all in a 16-page comic coloring book download.

Once you have learned how microbes work, you’ll want to learn more about your body’s immune system by downloading Viral Attack!

Great resources for supplementing your health studies — and free!

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