Anatomy of a Cell Infographic {Free Download}

Have a student interested in biology? You can easily teach the inner workings of a cell with this free infographic download from Anatomy of a Cell. (Free membership required to download.)

The infographic covers the key components that make up a cell, along with how we see cells and the difference between plant and animal cells.

Teach kids about the spectacular inner workings of the human body with this informative diagram explaining the anatomy of a cell, perfect for the home or classroom.

Simple tool that packs a punch — and it’s free!


Additional Resources

Interactive Cell Model
To learn more about plant and animals cells.


Cell Structure
Interactive from Wiley that compares different types of cells and ends with the student constructing a cell.

Cell City Analogy
One original way to remember what each part does!

Lesson Plans & Unit Studies

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells
Simple lab experiment.

Cell Theory Investigation
You can be Robert Hooke and perform experiments similar to those done 400 years ago.

Notebooking Pages & Printables

Cell Anatomy Coloring Page
From Ask a Biologist.

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