Spanish Course & Resources {Free}

Looking for a free Spanish course? Poco a Poco: An Elementary Direct Method for Learning Spanish by Guillermo Franklin Hall Aviles is an excellent resource for the homeschool handy-mom.

Poco a Poco (little by little) uses the immersion method of learning Spanish. This means the student learns Spanish in context by using it — much like we learn English. Grammar comes later.

A teacher’s manual is available that explains what to do for each day’s lesson. Objects and other visuals are suggested to introduce the lessons. But to really use this book successfully, you will need to either speak Spanish yourself, or use the resources below to prepare each lesson for the student.

While aimed at a classroom, Poco a Poco will be even more effective in a tutorial or one-on-one situation.

Published by World Book in the early 1900s, Poco a Poco is in the public domain.

Free eBook:
Teacher’s Manual:
  • Begin by becoming familiar with the way letters are pronounced in Spanish (see resources below).
  • Use a translator to help with phrases that you are not sure how to pronounce.

Additional Resources

Spanish Pronunciation
Using the sidebar on the left, become familiar with the Spanish alphabet, and then work through vowels, consonants, and diphthongs. Very helpful!

Translate and Speak
If you find yourself having trouble pronouncing the phrases in the lessons, run them through this program to hear them spoken in Spanish. Select “Speak” at the top, choose Spanish, select your speed, and press the speak button. The program can also translate Spanish phrases.

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