Easy Lessons in Popular Science {Free eBook}

Now here is a very unique first science book! Easy Lessons in Popular Science by James Monteith takes a hands-on and visual approach to helping students learn the basics of primary science. It also approaches science as a whole — learning oceans, ship building, and water cycles together, for example, while at the same time covering elementary geography!

Objects are illustrated on a large Pictorial Chart for wall of Class-room ; and on Blackboard, according to given directions for drawing.

[The topics] are Short and Varied—those suggested on an excursion in the country by a teacher and her class ; such as Air, Water, Rocks, Land,—what they contain and what are their uses ; with interesting lessons on Rain, Rivers, Plants, Trees, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacture, Fishes, Birds, Animals, Insects, Geography, etc.

Exercises, also Short and Varied, include : Reading ; Drawing on Blackboard and Slates; Oral Exercises, with Questions and Answers , Written Reviews, combining Spelling and Composition. Exercises on the Pictorial Chart and Wall Map of the World….

Its object is not only to Instruct, but to Educate,—to draw out and strengthen the reasoning faculties, and to encourage habits of observing, thinking, analyzing and comparing.

And so we go from the Earth (its size, shape, motion, and seasons) to oceans, the water cycle, currents, condensation and evaporation, ships, steam engines to rivers, water wheels, logs, and mills! Quite an unusual progression — but one that will certainly leave an impression.

The lessons are comprised of:

  • Map exercises.
  • Drawing exercises.
  • Review questions (narration exercises).
  • Spelling exercises.
  • Composition exercises.

The pictorial chart (see below for free download) that is used to direct lessons is found on the inside cover of the original book (within the first few pages of the download) and can be printed and placed in a notebook along with exercise sketches, narrations, and writing exercises. Those familiar with Charlotte Mason will find this gem a perfect fit!

Great addition to the DIY homeschool mom’s library — and it’s free!

Free eBook

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Easy Lessons in Popular Science {Free eBook}

Easy Lessons in Popular Science by Monteith
Reputable paperback version for those interested.

Pictorial Chart (Left) for Notebook

Pictorial Chart (Left) for Notebook

Pictorial Chart (Right) for Notebook

Pictorial Chart (Right) for Notebook

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