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Thornton Burgess, author of The Burgess Bird Book, wrote dozens of books about various animals. One of these gems is The Adventures of Bob White.

Burgess was a prolific author. One of his most famous stories is Old Mother West Wind, in which many characters are introduced that later had books of their own.

The Adventures of Bob White was published in 1919 and tells the story of a very helpful bird. Although it is not how it first appears, Farmer Brown’s Boy intends to protect the bird. The story has a happy ending.

A cheery whistle or a song
Will help the daily work along.

The little feathered people of the Green Meadows, the Green Forest and the Old Orchard learned this long ago, and it is one reason why you will so often find them singing with all their might when they are hard at work building their homes in the spring. Most of them sing, but there is one who whistles, and it is such a clear and cheery whistle that it gladdens the hearts of all who hear it. Many and many a time has Farmer Brown’s boy stopped to whistle back, and never has he failed to get a response.

A handsome little fellow is this whistler. He is dressed in brown, white and black, and his name is Bob White. Sometimes he is called a Quail and sometimes a Partridge, but if you should ask him he would tell you promptly and clearly that he is Bob White, and he answers to no other name.

A simple story with many lessons to share about nature — and life.

The Adventures of Bob White makes a great addition to our free book studies: Nests & Birds!

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