A Lamp Unto My Feet Devotional by Elisabeth Elliot {$1.99}
Fans of Elisabeth Elliot will enjoy A Lamp Unto My Feet: The Bible’s Light for Your Daily Walk, a six-month devotional.

To me, the commandments, that is, all that the Word of God comprises, are a lamp. This book is made up only of reflections — reflections of true light (though the reflector may distort), written over a period of five or six years, indoors, outdoors, usually early in the morning in some solitary place but occasionally in an airplane or motel room. I have always been aware, ever since I was very small, of needing direction….
Many students ask me for help and direction for their lives. It is always heartening to know that there are those who are willing to receive the kind they know I want to offer, for I always go back to my source: “the path of thy commandments” (Ps. 119:35, KJV). And I desperately want them to find what I have found along that path: joy.

She begins by offering suggestions for paying attention to what God says, trying to understand, apply the truth, and obey the instructions. These suggestions include:

  • Reading and marking the Bible.
  • Praying and letting the Scriptures shape your prayers.
  • Meditating, being still, and listening.
  • Applying the truth with the Lord’s guidance.
  • Obeying immediately.

The devotional for each day is short, but power-packed food for thought with a focus on knowing and trusting God’s Word.

We have added this gem to our ever-growing collection of Bible study tools!

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