7 Free Music Theory Lessons

How Music Works interactively explores music theory with 7 free music theory lessons.

With Music Theory you’ll be able to…

  • make your own music
  • build your own chord progressions
  • improvise melodies and chords
  • learn & memorize your favorite music faster by understanding the underlying structure

…and it’s easy to learn with our ~2 minute interactive, playable lessons!

Start by learning what a sound wave is and play around with amplitude and pitch.
Then explore harmony and the ratio between two sound waves.
Before you are done with the lessons, you will understand:

  • Pentatonic scale.
  • Chromatic scale.
  • Major chords.
  • Minor chords.
  • Diminished chords.
  • Major key signature.
  • Minor key signature.
  • Diatonic chords.

And, best of all, having explored the physics of sound — How Music Works — you will never look at music the same!

Naturally this free taste is a prelude to the full music theory premium course. Nevertheless, the free 7 lessons are definitely worth it!

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Additional Resources
Music Theory Worksheets {Free}

Music Theory Worksheets {Free}
If your appetite has been whetted and you are ready to learn more, here is another great option.

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