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Music Unit Study {Free}

Music Unit Study {Free}

We love the unit studies provided by Karen Caroe. They are complete in the sense of covering a topic in depth, while at the same time being very open-ended with plenty of room for additions, subtractions, and various rabbit trails. Karen Caroe’s music unit study is another free unit intended to take 4–6 weeks covering music theory along with many other aspects of music.

The subjects covered include:

  • Language arts.
  • Math.
  • History/geography.
  • Science.
  • Foreign language.
  • Bible.

The unit culminates in a final project: writing a composition, writing a paper comparing two different styles of music, playing an instrument, or taking a test.

PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THROUGH THE LINKS. This unit has been up for a while — the links are very outdated — some are malicious.

We have provided updated links below to help you use the music unit to the fullest.



Unit Study Planner
Planner referenced in the unit.

First Year Musical Theory by Thomas Tapper
Free public domain book that explains the basics … in detail.

Music Theory
Great online lessons. Begin with “The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines” and move on through the lessons.



Musical Notation
“The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines” lesson mentioned above.

Musical Dictionary
You’ll find most of the terms in this dictionary at

The Practice Room
For learning the different choral voices, try this free sample at Scroll down and click on the “Real Music” button.

The Orchestra
Chart of the instrument families at

Homemade Instruments
Lots of rhythm instrument options at

Music Paper
Free at


Language Arts

Peter and the Wolf: A Unit StudyPeter and the Wolf: A Unit Study
Our own unit.

Music Unit Study {Free}Lentil by Robert McCloskey
Lentil saves the day with his harmonica. McCloskey is always a favorite!

Learn How to Play the Harmonica {Part 1}
While reading Lentil, you can learn how to play the harmonica with our 3-part series!

Create a Word Search Puzzle
Free interactive at to help with the musical terms puzzle.



Note Duration
Lesson at for learning about the different time signatures.

Measures and Time Signatures
This lesson follows the one above.

Dots and Ties
Also at for learning the role of the “dot” as suggested.



Interactive Timeline Maker {Free}Interactive Timeline Maker {Free}
For creating a music timeline as suggested.

Overview of Music History
Original link showing the major divisions of music history.

Composer Time Line
Original link showing the composers popular in each time period.

Music History Quiz
Original link to the quiz.

World Map
At for mapping the birthplace of composers.



Ear Anatomy
Diagram showing the parts of the ear.

Free Science Studies: Alexander Graham Bell & the TelephoneFree Science Studies: Alexander Graham Bell & the Telephone
Scroll down to watch a video of how the ear works.

Science Experiment Notebooking Pages {Freebie}
Pages for documenting the experiments.

Music and Physics
Original suggested site that explains music in conjunction with math and science.


Foreign Language

Musical Terms
Dictionary at



The Instruments of the Bible
Great interactive at


Other Resources

Music Unit Study {Free}The Gift of Music: Great Composers and Their Influence by Jane Stuart Smith & Betty Carlson
Our favorite overall music appreciation reference book. Over 300 pages long covering 43 composers, along with Christmas carols. Not only covers the influence of the composer but also how his faith influenced his works. Includes timeline of composers by period. Recommended reading and listening guides at the end of each section. Highly recommended!

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra {Featured Site}Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra {Featured Site}
Great interactive site for learning more about the orchestra.

Free 18-Page Composer Notebooking Set {Time Limited}
Perfect set for notebooking your way through the study (still available at no cost).