20 Easy Ways to Save Money Around the Home

Most homeschool families are one-income families.  In many cases the family runs a small business or Dad is self-employed.  Many homeschool families watch their pennies.  Here are our tried and tested top 20 easy ways to save money around the home:

  1. Make a budget.
    Knowing how much you have to spend (or not) tends to constrain spending.  We’ve been Quicken users since the early ’90s.  That’s a whole lot of data.  There are probably easier (and certainly less expensive) ways to track a budget.  Just find one that works for you and stick to it!
  2. Never buy today.
    Funny how easy it is to find out how little you really needed something when you have to wait for it.
  3. Adjust your thermostat.
    Each degree you don’t use saves an incredible amount of money each year.
  4. Turn off the lights.
    This is another one that really adds up — even if you use energy-saving bulbs.
  5. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
  6. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels.
    Our favorites are the simple white flour sack towels folded and stored in a small basket.  This set of 12 even has a small hook sown in so the towel can be hung up if you prefer.  Oh, so handy.  And decorative!
  7. Use rags for cleaning up instead of paper towels.
    Those old t-shirts, or somebody’s falling-apart apparel?  Great rags!
  8. Use plastic storage containers instead of plastic bags to store leftovers.
  9. Line dry clothes.
    We use the retractable pulley clothesline that can be out of the way when not in use.
  10. Repair damaged clothing instead of tossing it.
    Having someone around who can mend — invaluable!
  11. Make your own bathroom cleaner.
    Here’s an easy one that works for us: distilled vinegar and blue Dawn.  Simple.
  12. Avoid eating out.
    Use a monthly or weekly meal planner to schedule meals.  When you know in advance what you are preparing, you’ll be less likely to fall back on takeout.
  13. Drink water.
    What comes out of the faucet is much less expensive than other drinks.  (You will want a water filter for this one.)
  14. Make a grocery list.
    And stick to it.
  15. Purchase meat that is on sale.
  16. Buy and freeze manager specials.
  17. Buy generic or store brand items.
    Quality does vary depending on your store.
  18. Avoid prepared canned foods.
    Make your own beans and purchase fresh or frozen fruits and veggies.  Way more product for the cost.  And healthier!
  19. Make use of your local library.
    Where books are free!
  20. Give homemade or service gifts.
    We love giving coupon books for things we can do for someone that we know they will enjoy.

Bonus tip:  Make your own coffee….

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