Water Cycle Poster & Placemat {Free!}

Ready to teach your children about the water cycle? This free water cycle poster and placemat from the U.S. Geological Survey can help!

Available as a PDF, 11×17 image or a large poster image, the printable download explains the processes of evaporation, precipitation, and groundwater storage in a colorful and interesting way.

The water cycle poster makes a perfect addition to a science notebook!

Also available is a more simply illustrated Water Cycle Placemat to print, laminate and use.  “Eat and learn.”

Further Investigation

The Water Cycle
Brief explanation at NASA.

The Water Cycle
Information from the Missouri Botanical Garden. (Use the links on the left to navigate.)


The Water Cycle
Interactive for younger children.

The Water Cycle
Interactive for older students.

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

The Water Cycle
16-page lesson plan that includes great background information, two lab activities and worksheet for follow-up.

The Water Cycle
55-page download from Utah State University that includes four hands-on lessons and four activities.


Water Cycle Printables ~ Free
Blank and with labels. Suggestions and resources included!

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