Teaching Tools

Teaching ToolsPractical teaching tools that make the job easier.

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Beechick BasicsA Home Start in Reading (Grades K-3)
by Dr. Ruth Beechick

Includes when to start reading, how to begin, and step-by-step instructions through fluency. A parent guide that removes the mystery from teaching a child to read. Want to teach your child to read? This is the only book you need. Really!

Beechick BasicsA Strong Start in Language (Grades K-3)
by Dr. Ruth Beechick

This book starts by pointing out that YOU are an effective language teacher. Think how much your child has already learned! Emphasizes the natural way of learning language including guidelines for all language components at each level.

Beechick BasicsAn Easy Start in Arithmetic (Grades K-3)
by Dr. Ruth Beechick

Here we learn the different attitudes we need to be aware of when we teach math, the different ways we “see” math, what we can do in the early years, real math, and teaching suggestions at each level.

Beechick BasicsThe Three R’s
by Dr. Ruth Beechick

This is the above three titles together in one book. Sometimes you’ll do better purchasing this one book, at other times it may be more cost effective to simply purchase the three individually.

Beechick BasicsYou Can Teach Your Child Successfully
by Dr. Ruth Beechick

What a wealth of useful information! From reading, writing, and arithmetic to history and social studies, science, music, art, and Bible, Dr. Beechick includes lessons, spelling lists, math charts, mechanics, and grade-level guidelines — all in a common-sense, easy-to-understand style. Very practical!

Beechick BasicsHow to Write Clearly
by Dr. Ruth Beechick

What if writing was actually very simple? What if the key was — much as we learn to walk by walking, or we learn to talk by talking, or learn to read by reading — simply to learn to write by writing? Those familiar with Dr. Ruth Beechick will be quite familiar with this phrase and the natural method of learning to write it connotes. Many of her ideas on writing are summarized in this book. Read our full review.

Evaluating for ExcellenceEvaluating for Excellence
by Teresa Moon

Too often we evaluate without knowing where we started. We evaluate using arbitrary evaluation tools that cannot tell us if we have met the goals we were working on.Using this simple diagnose-plan-guide-evaluate model, we can adequately assess our children’s progress in any area and develop a truly individual program for each child. You’ll appreciate the author’s light and encouraging tone throughout this book – along with all of the examples and forms!