Peeps at Heraldry {Free eBook}

Have a youngster that is into knights and castles? How about heraldry? Pass along this excellent — and free — eBook: Peeps at Heraldry by Phoebe Allen.

In the far-away days of quite another age, heraldry was so closely connected with warlike exploits, and its signs and tokens were so much used on the battle-field to distinguish friends from foes, that each warrior wore his own special badge, embroidered on the garment or surcoat which covered his armour, as well as, later on, upon the shield which he carried into battle.

Peeps at Heraldry begins with an introduction into heraldry answering the questions:

  • Why heraldry?
  • What is chivalry?
  • What’s with all of the birds, animals, heavenly bodies, and plants?
  • Why a coat of arms?
  • What are allusive arms? or canting arms?

With this background in place, we then cover:

  • Shields.
  • Shield divisions.
  • Blazoning.
  • Common charges.
  • Animal charges.
  • Charges of inanimate objects.
  • Quartering and marshalling.
  • Armorial bearings of a duke, marquess, earl, baron, and baronet.
  • Pennons, banners, and standards.

The book also includes an extensive glossary.

For heraldry, which, you know, was reckoned as one of the prime glories of chivalry, is the language that keeps alive the golden deeds done in the world, and that is why those who have once learnt its secrets are always anxious to persuade others to learn them too.

Told in an engaging way, Peeps at Heraldry is an excellent introduction to heraldry — and it’s free!

Free eBook

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Peeps at Heraldry {Free eBook}

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