NASA Rockets Educator Guide ~ Free

NASA is offering a Rockets Educator Guide with “activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics” free!

This 145-page guide begins with a pictorial history of rockets (available as a separate download for students). It then covers:

  • Space Launch System Architecture.
  • How Rockets Work.
  • Applying Newton’s Laws.
NASA Rockets Educator Guide ~ Free

The remainder of the guide offers 14 rocket activities for students K–12. Suggested grade levels for the activities are provided.

Each experiment has clearly defined objectives and includes a well-marked materials list (all common items that can be found around the house). It also includes background info, procedure, discussion, assessment, and extension sections.

There are one to two recording sheets for each experiment. These quality printables will go perfect in a science notebook.

Through the activities students:

  • Make water-propelled engines out of soft drink cans.
  • Make and launch paper rockets.
  • Construct balloon-powered Styrofoam racing cars.
  • Investigate launch angle with rockets constructed from pipe foam.
  • Create a hand-held tracking device.
  • Design an entire flight mission.

You’ll also find a rocket glossary and a resource list in the back.

Excellent resource for DIY handy-moms…and free!

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