Learning Styles: 3 Things to Remember

Everyone has a preferred way in which they process information and learn new skills. Sometimes presenting the information in a way that agrees with your child’s learning style will help the concept become clear. Here are 3 things to remember:

1. Beware of labeling.

We don’t need to stick a label on our child or encourage him to view himself as one-dimensional. Labels tend to make us feel stuck and incapable of acting outside of our labeled area. Instead, we can view our preferred method of learning as a tool, a preference that can help us when we need to better understand something.

2. Don’t expect perfection.

No system of learning models is completely accurate. It is simply a convenient way to classify common attributes. We all cross the lines. No one learns in only one way. Our methods of taking in information may vary with the subject, situation, or other variables.

3. Branch out.

Since we do all cross the boundaries, it is usually beneficial to develop other traits. We know that the brain tends to put resources to those functions most used. Therefore it makes sense to stretch our skills by developing in other areas. No, we probably will never become dominant in a different area — nor do we need to try. But we can always enhance our ability to learn.

We have updated our Learning Styles page and added a few more resources to help you identify your child’s preferred way to learn!

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