A-B-C of Electricity {Free eBook}

Do you have a student with an electronic interest? Feed the fire with this “first” book of electricity! A-B-C of Electricity by William H. Meadowcroft covers the basics in a way that is easy to understand. And, the book had the endorsement of one who (at least at the time it was written) should know:


I have read the MS. of your “A-B-C of Electricity,” and find that the statements you have made therein are correct. Your treatment of the subject, and arrangement of the matter, have impressed me favorably.

Yours truly,


A-B-C of Electricity outlines the science behind electricity for ages 14 and up. The concepts presented are illustrated with the inventions of the time and include:

  • Basic definitions such as volt, ampere, and ohm.
  • Magnetism.
  • The telegraph and Morse code.
  • Wireless telegraphy.
  • The telephone and induction coils, transmitters, and receivers.
  • Electric light and incandescent lamps.
  • Switches.
  • Electric power and dynamos.
  • Motors and batteries.

By understanding the concepts presented and how they were used in the inventions mentioned above, the reader will have an excellent foundation on which to build.

Great first look — and it is free!

Free eBook

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A-B-C of Electricity {Free eBook}

A-B-C of Electricity by William H. Meadowcroft
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