First Book of Birds {Free eBook}

First Book of Birds {Free eBook}
First Book of Birds {Free eBook}

The First Book of Birds by Margaret Williamson is an illustrated introduction to the world of birds by the same author who wrote The First Book of Bugs.

The First Books were published in the 1950s–1960s by the Franklin Watts company. Many of the over 150 titles in the series are no longer under copyright and have found their way into the public domain. Their purpose is to provide a first introduction to a topic.

This series contains beginning books on a multitude of topics. The pages have large, clear type and many illustrations. Each title is presented in the way which seems best for its subject. Each book is between 48 and 112 pages in length, according to each title’s requirements.

Who Should We Then Read

While these are introductory books, there is a great deal of detail contained in each.

The First Book of Birds covers:

  • Characteristics that make birds unique.
  • Feather anatomy.
  • How birds fly.
  • Bird eyes and ears.
  • Bird feet.
  • What birds eat.
  • Bird language.
  • Bird nests.
  • Bird eggs.
  • Bird migration.
  • Much more!

Scattered throughout you’ll also find tips for spotting birds in various locations. A handy index in the back will help you use the book as a reference.

Many of the diagrams and illustrations will make excellent notebooking pages!

Great book for the DIY Homeschool Handy-Mom to have on hand — and it’s free!

Free eBook
First Book of Birds {Free eBook}
  • Read one section at a sitting. Then have your child narrate what he learned.
  • Ask him to create a bird notebook and decorate the cover.
  • The narrations can be held inside the notebook.
  • Include diagrams such as the bird feather on pg 8. These can be printed or the child can draw them himself.
  • Create a notebook page for each bird in the Birds to Look For sections.
  • Get outside. How many birds can you recognize?

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Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World
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Nature Journal Notebooking Sets {Free Download}
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