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100 Editable Lapbook Templates {Free}

100 Editable Lapbook Templates {Free}If you and your family are into lapbooks, booklets, or other foldables, you will love this free gift from Homeschool Share!

By subscribing to the Homeschool Share Blog, you will receive a 102-page PDF download filled with 100 lapbook templates that you can type on before sending the pages to your printer.  (The link will be at the end of the e-mail you receive the next time they post.)

The lapbooks and foldables include:

  • Tab books.
  • Envelope books.
  • Venn diagrams.
  • Matchbook foldables.
  • Petal foldables.
  • Pop-up books.
  • Pocket foldables.
  • Mini-foldables.
  • Accordion foldables.
  • Layerables.
  • Concept maps.
  • Information fans (think Fandex).
  • Flap books.
  • Shutterfold foldables.
  • Many, many more.

Don’t worry, instructions are also included!

Since they are editable, these pages can easily be reused for a variety of lessons and applications.  A perfect tool for the homeschool handy-mom!

Update: You can now download the editable lapbook templates directly from their site.