Things to Do: April

We have updated our April learning calendar for 2022. At this time of year, many tutors, teachers, and moms are looking for resources for the year ahead. Meanwhile, we can also enjoy warmer weather with this month’s “things to do,” which include:

  • 25 favorite finds.
  • 14 free eBooks, including book studies that cover “The Little Red Hen,” castles and knights, and stars in the night sky.
  • 13 of our unit studies, including Audubon, the Louisiana Purchase, and earthquakes.
  • 12 fun ways to learn with kites.
  • 10 teaching tips, including scheduling and writing for younger students.
  • 10 nature study ideas.
  • 6 poems and activities, including those by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • 3 learning activities, including flying a kite, and growing a pizza garden.
  • 2 book reviews.
  • Free idiom form download.
  • Free star book download.

Updated links. Lots of new resources. Enjoy!

Enjoy the entire series:
Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month
Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month

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